Purple Knights News · Board Approves Spectators at Athletic Events

Last night, our School Board unanimously voted to allow spectators to our outdoor athletic events. We thank our Board for this opportunity and their support through this pandemic!
We still want to keep everyone as safe as possible and want to ensure six feet physical distance to the greatest extent possible. Therefore,
  • four (4) home spectators per student-athlete/coach and four (4) visiting spectators per student-athlete/coach for football and soccer.
  • Three (3) spectators will be allowed for track per student-athlete/coach.
  • Spectators MUST wear masks at all times and maintain six feet of physical distance.
We ask that spectators sit in every other row and six feet of distance between groups on the row.  The rows will be marked with an “X” to mark which rows to leave open.
Please talk with your student-athlete to make sure that the correct names are put on the list. Coaches will also have the list. If your name is not on the list, you will NOT be allowed to come into the game. Games will still be live streamed on our Beloit Knights Athletics YouTube Channel.
Also, the Board approve the start of Intermediate athletic camps to begin.  Each Intermediate school will hold camps in volleyball, basketball, and soccer. There will be no competitions or teams. The focus will be on getting the students engaged and active in the school.  Please contact your Intermediate school for more information.